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Psychometric Assessments

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Who We Are

Business Psychology Service who provide the tools to support organisations with selecting, managing and developing their workforce, improving working performance to make both their people and their business more effective.
For selection tests, psychometrics, assessments, development and accredited training,

Quest Partnership Is The Answer.

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Psychometric Services & Occupational Tests

Our comprehensive range of online psychometric tests cover the entire employee lifecycle from screening tests and personality profiling questionnaires for job applicants, to skills tests for identifying Talent for development and promotion.


Developing the individuals within your organisation provides the talent security that is essential for long term success. Helping people understand their strengths and weaknesses is the starting point for continuous improvement.


Delivering accredited psychometric training for over 30 years. Enabling individuals to gain British Psychological Society (BPS) Test User qualifications and provide Assessment Centre and Assessor training with flexible choices of course delivery.

What Are You Looking For?
Psychometric tests including: Personality Profiling Questionnaires, Ability & Aptitude tests, both published and bespoke Assessment Centre Exercises all to support your selection decisions and optimise your Assessment Strategy.
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Quest are passionate about helping employees who want to be leaders and work with organisations to develop their careers and performance. Identify your Emerging Talent with our innovative development tools.
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Team Development
Leadership and Talent Development Programmes to improve team performance, motivation and help individuals work more effectively together. Aligned with your organisation’s objectives, vision and values.
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Psychometrics Training

We are British Psychological Society (BPS) Accredited Trainers. Our Psychometric Training Courses are accredited for Continuous Professional Development by the CPD Standards Office. Identity, the Personality Profiling Questionnaire, is a Level 2 BPS Accredited Tool.
Find out how to become an Accredited Psychometric Practitioner, qualified to use psychometric assessments effectively for recruitment, selection, coaching and talent development within your workplace. (Test User: Level 2 formerly Level A & B)

Train to become a Psychometric Practitioner with a BPS Qualification in Test Use

Learn how to use psychometric assessments and personality tests for interviews, reducing staff turnover, administer, interpret and provide feedback on psychometric tests and assessments effectively. Gain a deeper understanding of the technical concepts such as reliability and validity. Our psychometrics training will teach you how to use assessments both legally and ethically.

Our Accredited course in Test Use: Occupational and Assessor Training are available via Distance Learning or in your place of work. They are increasingly recognised as the Gold Standard within HR for Recruitment Assessments and Talent Development Practices.