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The Growing Acceptance of Accredited CPD in Assessor Skills Training
Accredited CPD in Assessor Skills Training for Assessment Centre Staff.
Guide to Virtual Assessment Centres
This guidance has been prepared for anyone designing and delivering virtual / online assessment centres.
Imposter Phenomenon Survey
Imposter Phenomenon Survey - please support Nina with her research study which will form part of her MSc degree.
Job Focused Assessments - 6 Reasons Why To Use Them
Find out why Job-focused Assessments can help you with your Selection, Recruitment & Talent Development challenges.
OPQ Personality Test - What is it?
OPQ The History of this Occupational Personality Questionnaire & its uses.
SHL Scenarios | How do I measure managerial judgement?
How do I measure managerial judgement when screening for selection and development? | SHL Scenarios
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