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Personality Assessment Research Exchange Offer
Mosaic Tasks, Personality Assessment, Beta product now live - we would greatly appreciate your help with this research...
CPD for Occupational Psychology - HR Guide
HR Guide to CPD within Psychometrics | Continuing Professional Development ensures that you maintain and enhance your specialist knowledge.
Psychometric Tests Reduce Recruitment Risks
How do I use psychometric tests & assessments to help me recruit the right person and minimise the recruitment risks?
OPQ Personality Test | SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire
The SHL OPQ32 – the Occupational Personality Questionnaire – but most refer to it as the OPQ Test or OPQ Personality Test, we explain what it does...
How do I find the right person to cover maternity/ paternity leave?
Finding a temporary replacement for a key member of staff can seem daunting. Whilst you may be pleased for the individual, it can be a cause for concern...
Scenarios what are they?
Scenarios what are they and how do they help us measure Managerial Judgement? Max choi the SHL Scenarios author explains...
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