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Objective Personality Tasks (OPT'S) | Mosaic
Task Based Personality Assessments - Alternative to Personality Questionnaires? This is the question that Max Choi covered at this years DOP Conference.
SHL Scenarios | How do I measure managerial judgement?
How do I measure managerial judgement when screening for selection and development? | SHL Scenarios
Leadership Development increases Gross Domestic Product
The bottom line: Leadership skills strongly influence “whole country” productivity
Similarities & Differences in Managerial Judgement Around the World
Quest Partnership's very own Max Choi has co-authored a book chapter about the similarities and differences in managerial judgement around the world.
BPS Assessment Centre Standard
The BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) has recently published a Standard for the Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres
Maintaining your BPS Competence in Testing
Once you have BPS Verified Qualifications in Test Use and have registered with them, you can renew your listing annually for a period of 6 years.
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