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Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop

An Introduction to Psychometric Solutions for Recruitment & Development

2nd May 2019, Steam Museum Swindon

This Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop is for talent acquisition managers, recruiting professionals and other HR practitioners who desire to propel their business forward by improving candidate quality, speed to hire, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Our business psychologists will introduce you to powerful online questionnaires that will help you to quickly identity the strengths and weaknesses of candidates against your job requirements.  Making sure they link the tools back to your specific human resource and talent challenges within your workplace.

Explaining how to:

  • interpret the results
  • streamline your process 
  • reduce recruitment times  
  • make the best hiring decisions

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Psychometric Solutions for the Employer & their Employees

  • Recruitment Selection Tests for pre-employment screening give you ability, aptitude and personality insights to help you identify the best candidates.
  • Talent Development Assessments empower your employees to be their best.

Recognise Talent and Improve Performance

Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop

Sir Daniel Gooch Theatre
2nd May 2019
(9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m)
The Great Western STEAM Museum
Fire Fly Avenue

£35.00 (plus VAT) per delegate, includes light refreshments and free parking.

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