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Talent Alignment

If you can motivate your staff to focus on a common goal they will perform better and contribute more effectively. Above all having core Values that everyone can identify with will help in achieving that goal.

First of all, Integrating your Values throughout the company is essential.  Ensuring that everyone from senior leaders to recruiters promote those Values, will help to attract and retain like-minded people. Above all, in a climate where competition for good candidates is fierce, it is even more important that they know what your company stands for.  Likewise, the kind of environment they will be working in.

Reinforcing the message is key to achieving Talent Alignment, hence it is important that managers buy in to the company ethos, demonstrating by their own actions that they share those Values.

In that way, a company culture is developed and is apparent to clients, customers and staff.

So, having identified your Values and developed a company culture, how do you ensure that the new recruits joining you share those Values?

  • Using open questions during the interview is a good place to start.
  • Check their understanding of your company’s Vision.
  • Ask candidates to demonstrate how they align with your Values.
  • What have they done in the past that would support this?
  • What are their own core values?
  • How will their values enhance the existing company culture?

Gain an insight into an individuals workplace preferences

Another option is to use a personality test to probe the candidates’ work preferences. There are several occupational questionnaires on the market that can identify an individual’s approach to work and their values. Although the results of such questionnaires should not be seen as definitive, they will be able to shed light on areas such as how the individual interacts with other people, how trusting and supportive of others they are, how conscientious etc. As a result, using a personality report to support your interviews is a good starting point for discussion.

Tools to help you ensure Talent Alignment

Certainly there are a wide range of personality reports available to support you. In addition, they can be used for both staff recruitment and talent development. Interview reports will often provide you with suggested questions to probe more deeply at interview. Likewise, Emotional Intelligence reports will give individuals an insight into possible development areas where they can help themselves to integrate better with the company culture.

For more information on what psychometrics are used for >>>

Reach those common goals via talent alignment

To get the most from your staff and ensure they are happy and productive, everyone involved should feel they are contributing to something they can align to. Identify your Values and create a great Company Culture!

What is psychometric Testing?

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