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An Alternative to Personality Questionnaires: Objective Personality Tests (OPTs)

Personality assessment offers a unique contribution to the world of talent management, employee development, coaching or team building. However, we know that personality questionnaires bring ‘issues’.  Consequently,as practitioners, it’s up to us to try and make the situation work. As practising psychologists, we all work with personality data facing issues such as faking and lack of self-awareness. Therefore, the next questions are, what can we do about it and what is the future trend?

Utilising recent advances in technology, personality assessment can be revolutionised. As a result, you no longer needs to rely solely on questionnaires. Especially as they routinely suffer from distortion such as social desirability responding.  Alan is going to present an alternative to personality questionnaires: Mosaic Tasks | Objective Personality Tests (OPTs).  Quest Assessments have published research into the validation of multiple OPTs using self-report ratings of personality and biodata.

Alan Howard, Director Quest Assessments

Guest Speaker for the Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (DIOP

Alan Howard is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Similarly a member of the BPS’s Division of Occupational Psychology. Likewise a Chartered Psychologist and a Registered Occupational Psychologist with the UK’s Health Care Professions Council. Having 27 years’ experience as an occupational psychologist including managing and delivering large consultancy projects in 6 continents. He is a former Vice President of Assessment & Development at Dubai International Airport. As well as Director of Assessment & Development Centers at consultancy company IHS Dubai. Former clients include UK Government, Police and Prison Services.

Alan has co-authored 3 psychometric situational judgement tests.  These are published worldwide by SHL and have been completed by participants from over 100 countries.

Mosaic Task Based Personality Assessment

He is currently leading a team of psychologists in the development of Mosaic, a task-based personality assessment. Mosaic measures personality without the need for questionnaires or self-report. Removing methods that are open to deliberate and unconscious distortion by individuals. In addition, Mosaic objective tests also produces a competency potential profile. This profile is for individuals to be used as part of an Assessment Centre or Development Centre.