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Assessment of Personality Through Completing On-line Tasks

Quest Partnership’s Managing Director, Max Choi and Quest Assessments’ Director, Johnny Mitchell are giving a presentation entitled ‘Assessment of Personality Through Completing On-line Tasks’.

The AOSH event is being held in the BAWA Healthcare and Leisure Conference Centre.  Thursday 21st November at the Avon Occupational Safety Health Group (AOSH) in Bristol.

They will be conveying that in critical roles like safety, the traditional way of assessing personality through the use of self-report questionnaires can be somewhat unreliable. This is often due to candidates responding in exaggerated ways and also due to poor self-insight.  Just like when one goes to see an optician, the optician may ask you how your eyesight is, but they will not rely just on that. They will conduct an objective, accurate, and thorough assessment.

Max and Johnny argue that assessing personality should be no different.

First of all, they will explain what they have been doing. Research which is based on over 100 years’ of research into personality. Hence followed by their own recent research to develop the Mosaic objective personality tasks. Therefore, these enable the direct measurement of personality. They are working on a range of reports including a Personality for Safety Report.

The Avon Occupational Safety & Health Group

The Avon Occupational Safety & Health Group (AOSH) is an association that exists to promote, assist and maintain health, safety. As well as welfare and environment knowledge, understanding and best practice within the community in the Bristol area.  Every type/size of company and organisation including individuals from every industry sector are welcome to become members of AOSH. 

The Officers and Committee members are all volunteers. Therefore, comprise of professional safety advisors, managers and consultants.  They work hard to draw up a varied annual Programme featuring a mixture of presentations by experienced and knowledgeable speakers on traditional but topical issues and, increasingly, facilitated interactive sessions to explore behavioural Health & Safety.