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ABP Conference and Awards: Looking back and thinking forward

The 20th Annual ABP Conference and Awards

Monday 5th to Friday 16th October 2020

First-ever Virtual Conference


As one of the original team who founded The Association for Business Psychology (abp) Max Choi would like to bring to your attention that the 20th Annual ABP Conference and Awards are still being held this year and tickets are still available to join this virtual event.


Founded in 2000 to champion business psychology, the ABP has promoted the sharing of best practice and new opportunities in a fast-growing field.

2020 has brought a new set of changes and challenges to the world of work. With our first-ever Virtual Conference, the ABP continues to be at the forefront of these shifts.

Over two decades, ABP Conferences have brought together hundreds of practising Business Psychologists, HR professionals, executives and managers, students and academics, and many more!

Keynote speakers have included bestselling authors and journalists, senior business leaders spanning many industries, and prominent scholars in the field.


Max Choi continues to support this event and recommend it to all the HR professionals, consultants and clients that he works with.

Online events include:

Live-streamed keynote speakers

Speaker sessions with moderated Q&A

Networking break-out rooms (‘campfires’)

Repeat session recordings with facilitated discussion


The event is being held over 10 days and the full conference schedule and link to purchase your ticket is available [here

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