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SHARP Life & Learning Skills Centre - 100 Challenges

100 Challenges – Equipment campaign for the new bigger SHARP Day Centre

Last week Captain Tom Moore’s family asked people to do their own 100 Challenge. If there is one good thing that emerges from Covid 19 it is the human spirit of support, love, and kindness towards others. So the SHARP Day Centre for special needs will organise not one, but six 100 Challenges!
SHARP nearly did not survive Covid 19, so please sponsor the challenges by making a donation, and follow their amazing story with regular updates and fun videos. Join in and share their happiness and their amazing spirit. Please share to allow others to get a slice of Sharp’s enthusiasm and entertaining antics! It is what everyone needs!


• Bake 100 Cakes – To be completed by the learners

• 100 Canal Locks in 3 Days! – To be completed by great Friends of SHARP, Pete & Wendy

• 100+ Sit-ups in one go – To be completed by Edwin, learner & Max, Friends of SHARP – guess how many they will do?

• 100 Press-ups a day; also target to achieve the number of press ups that match his age in one go – Friends of SHARP, Max. So how many will he achieve?

• 100 Big Bubbles – To be completed by the learners – guess how big the biggest bubble will be.

• Achieve 100 Challenges! By Everyone.

The aim is to achieve 100 challenges involving everybody. Providing guaranteed entertainment! So watch out for the updates.

Apart from sponsoring, please also share our joy and happiness with your contacts. We would also love to hear from you, so please let us know what you like about what we are doing, and join in the fun by having a guess at the following:

1.     How big will the biggest bubble be?

2.     How many sit-ups will Edwin do?

3.     How many press ups will Max aim to achieve in one go i.e. how old is he?

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Introduction to the Founder:

I would like to introduce you to a remarkable lady, Julie Pullen, the Founder and Managing Director of SHARP Life & Learning Skills Centre, Gloucester.

Remarkable because Julie has been battling and is still continuing to  battle her own serious health issues which has made her rely on a wheel-chair. Remarkable because Julie and her amazing team, run the SHARP Life & Learning Skills Centre, an education and day service for over 75 vulnerable adults with special needs, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, mental health issues, elderly or just lonely, to continue their learning and personal development.  Julie has spent her life enriching the lives of special needs people. She does this because she loves them, understands their challenges and wants to make their lives enriched and happy.

Therefore, she was extremely saddened when due to Covid 19 SHARP had to close not once but several times. For us, Covid 19 and lockdown is already very challenging – but Julie knows that this means great difficulties for them as they are so vulnerable, and their world has been turned completely upside-down. What did she do? She has secured premises more than double the size so that her team can continue to provide their amazing service in a safe and secure environment – but we need your kind support to equip the new larger SHARP Day Centre.  

You would think centres like SHARP would be able to access ample funding, but the reality is that it is down to SHARP to do their own fund raising. As the new premises is double the size there is more expense and it needs lots of additional resources. The kitchen and toilets need refurbishing and the entire premises need improving for disabled users; and lots of additional equipment and furniture like table tennis table, kitchen equipment. They would like to build a sensory room that many users will love. So focusing on things that will make a real difference to the new SHARP Centre to better enrich their lives!

Hence, we are asking for small donations which together will bring the vision of the new SHARP Day Centre to a reality and therefore enrich their lives. “I always look forward to SHARP to see my friends and do things with them – it is the best thing in the world!”

We are aiming to raise £8,000 towards equipping the new SHARP Day Centre as soon as possible. When things go back to near normal the new Day Centre can accommodate even more people – so you will be helping to enrich even more people’s lives! Thank you!

Join in the 100 Challenges

Moving to larger premises due to Covid-19 restrictions and lack of space for social distancing. Providing a safe, friendly and warm environment in which people can work towards their own goals, at their own pace, with supportive staff to help them to achieve.

For the latest updates on the Challenges and to make a donation

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SHARP 100 Challenges to raise funds to equip their new premises