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An Alternative to Personality Questionnaires: Introducing Mosaic Objective Personality Tasks

Quest Partnership’s MD, Max Choi is presenting a paper with Alan Howard and Johnny Mitchell at the International Test Commission Colloquium 9 – 12th July 2021.


Why MOSAIC Objective Personality Tasks?

Although useful, we know that personality questionnaires contain error through social desirability responding and poor self-insight. Utilising recent advances in technology, the objective personality tasks (OPTs) approach provides a new distortion-resistant way of assessing personality directly and accurately.

OPT's | The Difference:

OPT’s look at the way people complete each task, rather than how well they do on them, revealing their personality.

Participants are unaware of which aspects of their personality are being assessed.

The online tasks are typically short e.g. 5-12 minutes and resemble tasks or challenges that are

applicable to all ages and levels of seniority.

Max will be joined by the other members of the Mosaic Team: Alan Howard and Johnny Mitchell. 

The paper will be presenting the research on
MOSAIC Objective Personality Tasks (OPT’s).

Introducing Personality Tasks

It covers the rationale for this new approach and how it overcomes the issues of traditional self-report personality questionnaires i.e. potential faking/massaging of responses, and blind spots. Therefore, they can support high-stakes selection settings as well as development situations.

It covers the robustness and accuracy of the new approach (reliability and validity).

Then it talks about how we get the best from both worlds when this approach also includes a self-report questionnaire i.e. the latter informs us what the individual thinks they are like, whereas the objective personality task method assesses what the individual is really like. So in cases where the results from the two approaches are somewhat different, then it provides very useful diagnostics to support personal development.

This paper forms part of a symposium of 5 papers on the

Opportunities and Challenges for Personality Assessment.

Other symposium papers provide research on ipsative and normative approaches; adaptive and maladaptive items; and Emotional Intelligence.

These papers illustrate the value of the Big 5 personality factors in unifying research in advancing personality assessment. They also show how advancement of technology provides opportunities for more sophisticated measurement approaches in personality assessment.

The conference should be of interest to those who like to keep abreast of developments in personality assessment and testing. 

Due to Covid 19 the conference is going to be a virtual conference this year. More Information and registration is available here: [Book Now]

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