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Identity® Personality Questionnaire - Platform Upgrade

We are please to announce that we have just launched our new upgraded online platform. The platform is provided at no additional cost providing extra features, choice of reports and additional security measures.

What is the Identity® Questionnaire?

Identity is a personality/psychometric assessment designed to assess workplace personality. Essentially it helps you understand an individual’s preferences and how they’ll likely behave in the job role and your organisation. It is a self-perception questionnaire therefore, assessing how the individual perceives themselves.

Personality Questionnaire – who should use it?

Identity was published over 25 years ago and is a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited personality tool. Used by both HR & Talent professionals along with Consultants to support recruitment and people development throughout an individual’s employee-life-cycle.

How can Identity® help you?

Identity® For Recruitment:

Most organisations carry out some sort of assessments when screening through candidates when hiring. So, the key question is how does identity help you with this process? There are various types of reports you can generate once the candidate has completed the identity questionnaire. For recruitment, the most appropriate report would be the Interview report. This report breaks down the personality profile into common generic competencies. The report includes sample probing questions you can ask the candidate based on their personality profile. This allows you to gain an insight into the candidate’s preferences before you even meet them!



Identity® For Development:

Another popular use for identity is for employee/people development. Many HR Learning and Talent Development professionals utilise the identity® Talent and Feedback reports. These help employees with their continuing professional development. It acts as a starting point for discussions, it helps highlight the individual’s strengths, development areas and weaknesses.

The Feedback Report is designed for a straightforward manner so that the layperson can understand it easily. The feedback report is a great way for the individual to learn about their own preferences, use it to set targets or highlight areas they may need to develop.

The Talent Report contains more in-depth information and is particularly useful for Leadership Development. The Talent Report has been designed to provide readers with key information on the following important performance areas: people and communication, intellectual judgement, task orientation & drive. Included within the report are the individual’s potential strengths, insights into potential weaknesses and development areas for them to consider.

A Choice of Identity ® Reports from one Personality Test

Once the Identity® Personality Test is completed you can Generate All Reports. Cost per respondent not per report:

Do I need to be a psychologist or trained to use Identity®?

Although the reports contain a great deal of information, they have been developed to ensure that you are not required to be an Occupational Psychologist to use them. The reports are all provided fully interpreted. They flag up areas for further probing during interview along with suggested questions. Our psychologists are always on hand to provide additional support where required.


In addition, for those who wish to achieve a formal qualification in psychometrics we do also have a range of online courses including:
the BPS Test User Qualifications. [Find out more]

How long does it take to complete identity®?

There are 216 questions in total to complete the identity self-perception questionnaire. Typically takes individuals around 30 minutes to complete. The questions are straightforward and easy to complete.  Based on a strongly disagree to strongly agree Likert scale.

Identity® Personality Questionnaire

Summary of main benefits:

  • Well established personality assessment tool. Developed over 25 years ago and accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).
  • Used by HR Professionals and Consultants to support recruitment and talent development activities.
  • Reports informative but fully interpreted – do not require formal training in psychometrics to understand.
  • No set fees / pay-as-you-go.
  • Branding Option – Include your logo on respondents reports.
  • Expert support from Quest Partnership Occupational Psychologists.

For more information: [Identity®]



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