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Excellence in Psychometrics Award 2021

Congratulations to the Mosaic Assessments Team for winning the
Excellence in Psychometrics Award
yesterday at the Psychometrics Forum event entitled
‘New frontiers in Psychometrics’. 

Mosaic Objective Personality Tasks

Developed by our sister company, Mosaic Assessments Ltd. Mosaic offers a new and innovative approach to personality assessment.

Objective Personality Tasks – The Four Reports

  1. Mosaic Leadership Report
  2. Mosaic Selection Report
  3. Mosaic Personal Development Report
  4. Mosaic Safety Report

Mosaic Personality Tasks Assessment.

Mosaic, the only assessment that compares self-report with direct measure of personality/ behaviours.

Excellence in Psychometrics Award

Excellence in Psychometrics Award 2021

Excellence in Psychometrics - The Team

Mosaic Personality Tasks was developed by three experienced Registered (with the Health Care Professions Council) Occupational Psychologists and associate fellows of the British Psychological Society – Alan Howard, Max Choi and Johnny Mitchell. Together we have 80-years of experience in Occupational Psychology, much of it in psychometrics. We are supported by a team of IT experts and administrative support. We have a growing team of expert suppliers located across the globe.

Johnny Mitchell Mosaic

Johnny Mitchell

Registered Occupational Psychologist with experience in a variety of Occupational Psychology fields including human factors and training & development.

Focus on product development and the fusion between games & psychology.


Alan Howard

Registered Occupational Psychologist working mainly in Assessment & Development.

Focus on psychometric development innovations. With Max Choi, Alan has co-authored 3 situational judgement tests that have been completed by participants from over 100 countries.


Max Choi

Registered Occupational Psychologist working mainly in Assessment & Development.

Focus on innovations in psychometric development and global leadership. Max initiated and acted as co-convener for a BPS working group to produce the UK Assessment Centre Standards which were published in 2015.