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Showcasing Papers from EAWOP 2022

Unfortunately, due to the current increased Covid restrictions the main event had to be cancelled – please see the notification letter from Frederik Anseel, EAWOP President.

However, there is an opportunity to join Max along with a few other presenters who will be showcasing papers followed by Q & A on Thursday 13th January 2022, via a Google Meet please see joining instructions below.


Joining Instructions

Showcasing Papers for EAWOP 2022

  • WHEN: January 13th, 9:30am – 1:00pm (UK Time)
  • LINK:
  • JOIN BY PHONE: (GB) +44 20 3956 5411 (PIN: 997688253)


Hope to see you virtually,

Max Choi

Max Choi  C.Psychol  AFBPsyS CPBP 
MD & Business Psychologist

Showcasing Papers 2022 including Q&A


Guidelines on the Design & Delivery of  Virtual Assessment Centres

Helen Baron, Natalie Dowell, Max Choi and Charlie Eyre, Assessment Centre Standards Working Group will be presenting at 9:35 am until 10:00

Drawing on research and insights of experienced practitioners, the Standards for the Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres (British Psychological Society, 2015) has been widely used as a means of supporting practitioners in the field. Its primary focus was the face-to-face delivery of assessment centres and the needs of practitioners switching to full virtual delivery, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, prompted work on further guidance. The presenters drew together key themes through their own experience of transferring online assessment centres to online format, and also through consultation with practitioners across the UK with recent experience in this area. The broad themes around which the guidelines are structured relate to design issues, technical issues, exercises, assessors, participants, validity and fairness. The paper provides an overview of the new guidelines, and how they can be used by practitioners.