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Assessment Centre | Assessor Training Course Online

Assessment and Development Centres are widely recognised as an essential step in the recruitment process for many employers. Assessor Skills Training is vital if you want your AC’s to be effective, you need qualified Assessors and Observers who can measure the competence of your candidates objectively. 

ASSESSOR SKILLS Training Program

Delivered via our online interactive training platform

The programme is aligned to the new British Psychological Society Assessment Centre Standard and is valid internationally. As verified BPS trainers you can be confident that after the successful completion of our training program participants can then take part in Assessment and Development Centres as qualified Assessors and Observers.

Aim of the Training

Training Assessors to lead assessment and evaluation processes and to take part in both Assessment and Development Centres.

Content of the Assessor Training Course

  • What are Assessment and Development Centres for?
  • Appreciating what makes an effective AC.
  • The Assessor role and other roles within an AC.
  • Effective assessment of AC exercises.
  • How to effectively observe, record, classify, evaluate, and provide feedback.
  • Ensuring competence to evaluate performance against pre-determined job related behaviours.
  • Equality and Diversity

Output of the Training

The participants will be able to;

  • Explain the principles of AC & DC
  • Define competencies and behaviours
  • Increases the predictive validity of your assessment processes


Who should participate?

  • Human resource managers, executives, and specialists
  • Personnel who are interviewing, managing, and evaluating performance
  • Talent acquisition and development professionals

Your Course Trainer

Max Choi – Chartered Psychologist – Click here for his profile.

The content of the training is designed by Max Choi who worked with a team of Occupational Psychologists to produce the Assessment Centre Standard for the BPS. This was published in 2015 and is freely available from the BPS website.

Assessment Centre Assessor Training Course via our Online Training Platform

This Assessor Skills Training takes approximately 35 hours to complete depending on previous experience. Working at your own pace in your own environment. Highly cost-effective compared to face-to-face workshops. Engaging learning through a range of activities e.g. support videos, practical assignments, and webinars. Tutor support throughout the learning experience.

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