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Mosaic Personality Tasks - Free Test User Personality Conversion Training

Mosaic Assessments Ltd will be running a free conversion training (for those already qualified as a personality test user) for Mosaic Personality Tasks during November. For those of you who do not know Mosaic, it is a new “big-5” personality assessment that measures personality objectively through online tasks, and compares this rating with self-report scores. This allows the user to explore ‘blind-spots’; self-perception and much more. You can view our report types and find out more at

Places will be limited so if you want to book your place, please sign up at (code: q2dm) or contact

Max Choi & Alan Howard

Free Personality Test User Training

Mosaic Personality Tasks

Online Conversion Course

  • DATE: 8th and 22nd November 2022
  • TIME: 1pm – 3pm on both days
  • COST: Free

About: The course is open to those already qualified as a personality test user. It will consist of a mixture of course work and live training via webinar.

Award Winning Test User Personality Tool

MOSAIC Personality Assessments Ltd


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What’s the problem with using a questionnaire?

One of the biggest known issues with questionnaire assessments is with faking results and blind-spots. Our research has found that existing methods to detect faking (e.g. social desirability scales) are not always effective. As personality is so hard to measure it means that decisions about recruitment and development are often based on inaccurate data. This can lead to the wrong people being hired and the wrong development needs being identified.

However, self-report questionnaires do provide important information about how an individual views themselves. Mosaic Personality Tasks combines this information with a direct objective behavioural measurement to provide the complete picture.

Mosaic Personality Tasks