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Identity® Personality Questionnaire for the Employee Life Cycle - 2 New Remote Working Reports

Identity® Personality Reports are extremely versatile tools used within Talent Management projects and Human Resource departments. Providing specific, interpreted occupational reports for selection, recruitment, development and the whole employee life-cycle. 

These occupational reports are based on the individual’s responses to the Identity® Personality Questionnaire – a fully validated psychometric instrument, used to gather information about how they see themselves. These self-perceptions are compared with the working population to provide a measure of 36 different personality scales when seen in relation to others.

Remote Working Reports from Identity® Two New Occupational Reports for Supporting Staff & Managers

We are delighted to provide two new personality reports to help support people to work more effectively in remote settings.

More and more people are now either working remotely full-time or part of the time. However, it is not easy to find support and useful guidance for managers and staff to help them to ensure that they can get the best from remote working. Therefore, these reports are provided to support you.

  1. The Manager’s Remote Working Report
  2. The Staff’s Remote Working Report

Identity® Manager's Remote Working Report

This report is for those that have responsibility for others. It focuses on three key areas: Delivering, Building Trust & Managing Self.

Identity® Staff's Remote Working Report

This report is for staff to help them cope with the challenges of remote working and to effectively work with others who are working remotely.

Remote Working Reports by Identity® are Fully Interpreted Occupational Reports

No additional training required, our personality reports are fully interpreted.  Providing you with key information regarding your candidate’s work place behavioural preferences, including a Quick-Look summary for interview.

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Remote Working Report Try it for Free

The link below will give you the opportunity to complete our Identity® Personality Questionnaire and then immediately generate your Remote Working Report as a pdf. The report is fully interpreted and designed to support individuals to get the best from their remote working environment.

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