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Gen Z | How Psychometrics can help you to Recruit & Retain this Young Talent.

Generation Z (Gen Z) are the first generation born into a digital world. They can probably type faster than you can speak, and tech is a central part of their day-to-day lives.

Born in the late 1990’s or the early 21st century, they have had access to the internet, mobile phones and social media throughout their lives.

Gen Z’s are digital natives, acquainted with, and able to use, all digital devises. They are increasingly being recognised as very effective multi-taskers, who prefer flexible schedules that allow them to increase their productivity by working anywhere, at any time.

Research by ManpowerGroup suggested that by 2020 the Gen Z generation would make up approximately 24 percent of the global workforce. However, due to the Global Pandemic many were delayed, and it is only now that they are in a position to embark on their careers.

HR Technical Tools for Recruiting Young Talent

With little or no experience within the workplace, and the continued interruption to their education, there is an even greater need to be able to identify their potential and workplace preferences. This is where Psychometric Testing and Digital Assessments come into their own. Providing a valuable insight into their workplace behaviour, job skills potential and current abilities.

Identity® Personality Questionnaire

Identity® Personality Reports support HR with the ‘whole employee life cycle’ including recruitment, onboarding, selection, and talent development. Used with ability & aptitude tests they give you the evidence for screening and information for interview.

Tech-savvy, Socially Conscious and with Excellent Communication Skills

Gen-Z Psychometrics & Recruiting Young Talent.

Generation Z. These individuals consider that the more they learn today, the more valuable they’ll be to employers in the future. Entering the workforce tech-savvy, highly ambitious and socially conscious, with excellent communication skills they are already placing high demands on the business world. Which means companies with great onboarding programmes, that offer continued learning and development opportunities, will be far more likely to retain their top talent.

Gen-Z Psychometrics & Recruiting Tools