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The Association for Business Psychology Conference 11-12 May 2023 – ‘Where next for the Workplace?’

Next week is the ABP conference where Johnny Mitchell along with his colleagues Alan Howard and Max Choi will be guest speaking. 

Where Next For The Workplace?

The aim of the conference is to come together to celebrate innovation, inspiration, and the latest in cutting-edge practices in all things people related. Investigating new approaches to the question – “Where next?

▪️ Where next for the world of work?

▪️ Where next for employers and employees?

▪️ Where next for technology?

▪️ Where next for Business Psychology?

The Mosaic Assessments Team at the abp conference 2023

There will be a variety of sessions and roundtables to attend, they have an incredible programme of speakers lined up including Johnny Mitchell, Alan Howard, and Max Choi; Mosaic Assessments Ltd who will be speaking about some research (including their own) on personality questionnaires, OPTs and faking.

The title is: ‘Cracking the Code: Can Objective Personality Tests Combat Social Desirability Responding, Impression Management and Faking?’

The abp conference 11-12 May 2023

To find out more about the 2023 conference and to book your place visit: >>>

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The Full Personality Picture

Mosaic combines the self-reflection of a questionnaire approach with the fresh insights of fake-resistant behavioural tasks to provide you with the full personality picture.