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Quest Business Reasoning Test Joint Verbal and Numerical Testing Solution

We are delighted to introduce our new Business Reasoning Test. Over the years we have been producing innovative new psychometrics solutions and we thought it was time to provide a better Verbal and Numerical Testing solution. So, what is different and special about our Business Reasoning Test?

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Business Reasoning Report

The report presents 3 results:

1. The Total Test Score - Business Reasoning.

This is total test score and therefore covers verbal, numerical, and elements of inductive and deductive reasoning. Business Data Skills Test.

2. Business Verbal Test Score

How well has the individual understood the business written information. This is often referred to as verbal critical reasoning. It looks at the ability of the candidate to accurately assimilate and correctly understand the written business information.

3. Business Numerical Test Score

How well Sam Sample has understood the business data. This is often referred to as numerical critical reasoning. It includes understanding business numerical information and being able to do the correct calculations to work out answers. But it also includes the ability to assimilate nonnumerical business data as well, such as identifying relationships and understanding the real meaning of data.

A COMBINED TEST - Real World Situations Require Joint Verbal & Numerical Data Skills

People at work deal with business information as a whole, so for example, they do not necessarily tackle a numerical problem in isolation. Therefore, our test comprises three realistic sets of business information and there will be a mix of verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning questions within each set. We do NOT present two separate verbal and numerical tests. This reflects the real work situation and requirements much better.

MEASURES WHAT IS IMPORTANT - Includes Elements of both Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Reasoning.

The two key measures are Verbal Critical Reasoning and Numerical Critical Reasoning. However, within these are elements of deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. For example, can the candidate identify the links/ relationships between the data – which is not simply verbal or numerical reasoning. These skills are vital for higher level performance.

ADAPTIVE TESTING - The test has been designed as an adaptive test.

What this means is that the test adapts to the test takers’ abilities i.e. if they are struggling, they will get slightly easier questions, and if they are doing very well, they will get slightly harder questions. This adaptive approach allows us to achieve a very accurate assessment with fewer questions.

WEIGHTED QUESTIONS - Harder the Questions the Higher their Worth

With traditional testing, you get one point for each question answered correctly i.e. every question is worth the same so the scoring is very simplistic. We apply weighted scoring i.e. harder questions are worth more and easier questions are worth slightly less. This to us, makes sense, and allows us to provide a more useful and meaningful result. It also complements the adaptive testing approach and allows us to provide a very useful feedback report.

NON-SPEED TEST - Time Measured but NOT a Speed Test - We are focusing on Accuracy & Ability within the workplace & the true requirements of jobs

Literally all verbal and numerical tests are speeded tests i.e. you have to work quickly in order to get a good test score. However, the reality is that there are many jobs where we will be happy if they do not rush to finish the test, but to go at a steadier pace and focus on getting the questions correct. Therefore, it is likely that the speeded nature of these tests is not really assessing the true requirements of jobs. Indeed, one can argue that some decent candidates who are working a bit slower have been discriminated against with these speeded tests. Therefore, our test is not speeded, so the test will not cut them off too early as in traditional verbal and numerical tests. However, the time taken to complete the test is a useful additional performance measure and we will provide this.

ONE TEST - Suitable For Many Roles: Managerial, Professional, Technical, Supervisory and Graduate...

The skills assessed by this test are very important for management and professional roles. With the adaptive testing approach, and Weighted Scoring approach, the test is very suitable for most roles including graduate recruitment, technical roles, management, and senior management appointments. One just need to use the best norm group.

Quest Business Reasoning Test Joint Verbal and Numerical Testing Solution

Although verbal and data reasoning skills tend to be correlated, for some individuals, they tend to be stronger on one. The scores for Verbal and Numerical are reliable and can be used to support selection if the job analysis has indicated that Verbal or Numerical skills are very important for the role. Otherwise, use the Total Test Score to understand their overall Business Reasoning ability as this score is extremely reliable i.e. based on 24 adaptive questions. Then use the supporting Verbal and Numerical results to check if they may be stronger or weaker in one of these areas.

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Max Choi and Quest Partnership

Max Choi | Managing Director | Chartered Psychologist

Max has decades of published peer-reviewed academic research, supporting organisations to apply business psychology interventions to help them achieve their organisational goals.

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