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Why Use the Identity Personality Questionnaire for Recruitment & Development?

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent is essential for organisational success. With countless candidates vying for positions, recruiters and HR professionals are continually seeking efficient and effective tools to identify individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but also fit seamlessly into the company culture. One such comprehensive tool which has gained prominence is the Identity® Personality Questionnaire.

Multifaceted Approach to Talent Assessment

Developed by experts in psychology and human resources, the Identity® Personality Questionnaire offers a multifaceted approach to talent assessment, providing valuable insights for both recruitment and employee development purposes. Here’s why it’s becoming a preferred choice for businesses worldwide, along with its seven specialised occupational reports:


Comprehensive Understanding:

Unlike traditional interviews and CV screenings, which may only scratch the surface of a candidate’s personality, the Identity® questionnaire offers a comprehensive analysis of their workplace preferences. It explores various dimensions of personality, including traits like conscientiousness, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and emotional stability. This holistic approach provides recruiters with a nuanced understanding of candidates, enabling them to make informed decisions.


Predictive Accuracy:

The Identity® questionnaire is backed by rigorous research and validation, making it highly reliable in predicting candidate success within specific roles and organisational environments. Its seven specialised fully interpreted occupational reports, including the Interview Report, Candidate Feedback Report, and Talent Report, provide detailed insights tailored to different stages of the employee lifecycle.


Tailored Development Strategies:

Beyond recruitment, the Identity® questionnaire serves as a valuable tool for employee development initiatives. Its Onboarding Report and Career Report offer personalised insights that enable organisations to tailor training programs, coaching sessions, and career paths to align with employees’ strengths, motivations, and growth areas.


Cultural Alignment:

The Identity® questionnaire helps identify candidates whose values, work styles, and communication preferences align with the company culture. Its specialised reports, such as the Staff’s Remote Working Report and Manager’s Remote Working Report, address the unique challenges of remote work environments, ensuring that organisations can maintain cultural alignment and collaboration regardless of physical location.


Efficiency and Scalability:

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is paramount. The Identity® questionnaire streamlines the recruitment process by providing objective data that complements traditional methods, such as interviews and resumes. Moreover, it can be easily administered to large candidate pools, making it scalable for organisations of all sizes.

Identity Personality Questionnaire for Talent Assessment, Recruitment, and Development.

In conclusion, the Identity® Personality Questionnaire offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for talent assessment, recruitment, and development. By leveraging its seven specialised occupational reports, organisations can gain deeper insights into candidates and employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle, driving better hiring decisions, fostering professional growth, and ultimately enhancing overall organisational performance.

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