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BPS Test User Programme Alumni

We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive benefit for individuals who have completed our BPS Test User programme: a free unlimited 30-day trial of our Talent Assessment Platform for your next HR/Talent campaign.

Introduce the Identity Personality Questionnaire & the Business Reasoning Test to your Company or Organisation for FREE.

Whether you’re gearing up for recruitment drives, talent development initiatives, or selection projects, our platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your processes and make informed decisions.


  • Easily add respondents, send bespoke invites, set deadlines, and generate unlimited reports.
  • Assess candidates’ skills, knowledge, and suitability for the role.
  • Speed up the recruitment process with automated assessments.
  • Identify top talent efficiently.


  • Assess current skills and competencies.
  • Onboarding Report: Integrate individuals successfully into the team by identifying their strengths and development needs.
  • Talent Report: Includes key competencies such as decision making, dealing with pressure, motivation, interpersonal skills, influencing, leadership, and organisation.

Identity Personality Questionnaire and the joint Verbal & Numerical Critical Reasoning Test

This offer includes the Identity® Personality Questionnaire which provides seven occupational reports, and the Business Reasoning Test providing you with an overall score along with the individual Verbal and Numerical critical reasoning scores.


By taking advantage of our free unlimited trial, you’ll have access to all the features and capabilities of our platform, with no limitations. This trial will give you the opportunity to explore how our platform can enhance your HR/Talent campaigns without any financial commitment.


As a current Test User, you will already have access to your own platform account. However, we are happy to set up a separate Business Account for you to use within your organisation. This can have your company/ employers branding added to all reports and have multiple administrators to improve efficiency.


We appreciate that you may not require this facility immediately, so we are happy to set your account up, with no obligation, ready to use when you are. This allows you to claim your 30-day free trial anytime within the next 6 months. Hopefully, this will allow you to make the most of the financial gain. We only need 1 working days’ notice to activate your unlimited free credits on your account for 30 days usage.

30-Day Free Assessment Platform Trial for BPS Test Users

To get started, simply provide us with the name of an administrator for the account along with an email address (which can be shared for multiple users), and your logo if you wish to have it added to the reports. You do not need to provide any payment details; this is a completely free, no-obligation trial. However, if you wish to use the platform prior to activating your free trial, you can purchase credits on a pay-as-you-go basis. Any credit balance held prior to the free trial going live will be added back to your account upon completion.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer to revolutionise your HR/Talent campaigns. Claim your Test User free trial now and experience the power of our Talent Assessment Platform.

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