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Psychometric Training

Online BPS Test User Occupational, Ability & Personality Training

Above all, our psychometric training is engaging, interactive and accredited.
Quest Partnership delivers courses that help you take what you learn into your everyday working life. They are realistic, tried and tested, and memorable. We ensure that our key messages have maximum impact, supporting you with quality materials which you can continue to use throughout your career. 

The full Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality TUOA & TUOP are made up of these three modules followed by module four the practical session. We can also provide these courses separately – for further details or to enrol, please [Enrol Here & Start Today]

Please Note: This training course was previously referred to by the BPS as Level A and Level B in Test Use.

Test User Occupational, Ability & Personality Course Content

Module 4Practical assessments & post-course assignments

Following the completion of the first three modules we will arrange a mutually convenient time for your Module 4 Practical, this will be run via a webinar based meeting. For this module you will need to prepare for your 3 practical sessions:

  1. Test administration of 2 paper & pencil-based assessments: 1x ability test (Numerical test) and 1x personality questionnaire (the ‘identity’ personality questionnaire).
  2. Deliver feedback of two ability test results to a mock candidate.
  3. Provide a development feedback discussion based on the ‘identity’ personality profile of one of our team.

Finally, you will also need to complete some post coursework, this includes answering some verification questions and producing a written report based on the feedback in your practical session.

More detailed information regarding all of the above is provided for you on the platform.

Learn to use the Identity® Personality Questionnaire - Seven Occupational Reports can be generated from the questionnaire – per respondent.

Understand an individual’s preferences and how they are likely to behave in the job role and their fit within the organisation’s culture.

  1. Interview Report
  2. Feedback Report
  3. Talent Report
  4. Career Focus Report
  5. Onboarding Report
  6. Manager’s Remote Working Report
  7. Staff’s Remote Working Report

Providing you with key information for the whole employee life-cycle.

How long is this training course & how is it delivered?

The time taken to complete the modules will vary depending on your previous experience in testing.

Typically 35 hours (1-6 months) Module-based learning. Start at any time and work at your own pace. Complete at your place of work or study from home. 

Online Interactive Training Platform for Course Content and Workbooks, with Webinar-based sessions and training videos.

Unlimited on-going support from our Business Psychologists and Tutors throughout the learning experience via conference call, email & telephone

Why Use Quest?

You benefit from the many years experience of our Chartered Psychologist tutors, both during the course and after it, due to our continued professional support.

We remain independent therefore, enabling us to introduce you to a wide range of products from the leading test publishers.

We cover all aspects of psychometric testing.

Our interactive training platform & hands-on practice will give you the skills you need to apply your knowledge straight away.

Benefits of completing this Test User Training:

Assessment Starter Pack – Quest Platform Account with £200.00 of credits to get you started

Access to over 150 tests from over 15 UK publishers (that would otherwise be restricted)

Eligible to apply to be included on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

Eligible to apply for a Eurotest certificate


As a member of the British Psychological Society our Training is aligned with the BPS Standards & Accreditation's

Psychometric Training at its best BPS

Continuing Professional Development - Psychometric Course

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world’s leading and largest CPD accreditation service. This course provides a Certificate awarding 35 hours of CPD.

See CDP Course listing [CPD Website Listing is Here

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If you are looking to maximise staff potential while improving staff moral and above all, get the best from your talent maybe Psychometric Training is your answer?

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