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Personality Questionnaire Training

Personality questionnaires are a reliable and objective way of understanding how your staff and candidates prefer to work. Individuals with an existing BPS Accredited Personality Qualification can take our Identity conversion course via our new online platform. This training is typically aimed at HR professionals and those involved in workplace recruitment, selection and development.

Identity reflects the way people see themselves and it can provide supporting evidence for an organisation’s recruitment and or development activities. It should be used in combination with other selection methods to provide a more complete picture of the person.

Identity Training

Once your training is completed we will provide you with a Certificate of Competence for the use of: “Identity – the self-perception questionnaire” which is a
Level 2 BPS Accredited | Personality Tool.

Business Credibility

Identity recognises that people are unique. It is the most comprehensive assessment of personality available.

Identity was developed for use in business to make sensitive decisions. It is more accurate and valid than other tools.

Accessible & Simple-To-Use

Identity has a solution to allow you immediate access to benefits.

There are no set-up costs, you simply pay per use. No license fee, no ‘top-up’ training required.

Why should you choose Identity?

Identity is versatile – it can support various areas of HR. There are different reports available: Short-listing job applicants, interviewing, on-boarding, high volume recruitment and internal promotion.

Tried and tested - identity has been accredited by the British Psychological Society. It has undergone considerable empirical testing to ensure that it is a reliable and valid measure of an individual personality preferences.

Full support - Occupational Psychologists on-hand to support you and we provide a free bureau service

Control with the tool – it is quick to administer using our on-line administration system |your own account

Simple and effective – data is in a clear and concise format

Affordable - pay once per candidate and generate unlimited reports

Include your logo and competencies

How to use Identity and its reports for Recruitment.

The Pre-interview report

This uses 8 leadership competences and highlights areas for you to probe more deeply at interview. It suggests interview questions, so you can plan these before meeting your candidate.

Comprehensive report

This is a detailed report, providing information on performance areas such as people and communication, intellectual judgement and task orientation and drive. The report tells you about potential strengths, weaknesses and development areas for the individual. It can also provide supporting information on emotional intelligence, team roles, type preferences and leadership styles.

Candidate feedback

This report is designed for the candidates and everyone receives a free feedback report when completing the questionnaire. Enhance your reputation and give something back to your candidates! Ask us for a sample!

Identity Conversion Training

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