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Competency Based Interview Training

Reduce staff turnover and select high performers to your team.
Using the Competency Based Interview technique within your selection interviews will help you identify those that will perform well within your team.

This competency based interview training is designed for those who are responsible for making the selection decisions. It can be tailored to meet the needs of team leaders, managers and recruitment practitioners.

Course Aim

The training equips you with the skills to conduct more reliable interviews, which will help you identify the most talented individuals.

This comprehensive 1-day training course covers all relevant topics including:

• job analysis
• creating competency-frameworks
• different interview techniques
• different question types
• interview pitfalls
• evaluating and scoring competences
• legal obligations

Course Overview

Adopting a structured, professional approach will leave all candidates with a positive impression of your business, with the highest potential people more likely to accept your job offers, over those of competitors.

Conducting interviews structured around competences enables you and your line managers to more accurately evaluate the suitability of a candidate and therefore improve the quality of your selection decisions. You are also introduced to psychometric profiling, which can further boost the power of assessments.

These more objective interviewing techniques are vital for a fair, accurate assessment. They minimise the subjectivity that can creep into interviewing and help interviewers focus on the factors that make a real difference to job performance, rather than being distracted by superficial characteristics, biases or personal preferences.

The course is interactive, and allows you to practice skills and receive feedback. We can include your own organisations competences within the training or provide some that best match your values.

The outcome of the training will be to introduce a consistent, evidence-based approach to interviewing. Using the competences throughout the business also adheres to best practice guidelines, avoids risks of bad hires, and ensures compliance with employment and information/data legislation.

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