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Candidate Selection Solutions

Selecting the right people for your business is one of the most important tasks for any company. Choosing a team which will perform for you, with people who can adapt and evolve with your business is the key to success for every organisation.
First of all, adopting a HR Candidate Selection Process that mitigates your recruitment risks is certainly crucial.  Likewise, is having a catalogue of talent assessment tools from leading test publishers.  Furthermore, using  Identity  our personality questionnaire you can ensure that you maximise your business performance and make quality people decisions right from the start.

Recruitment, Assessment and Candidate Selection Tools

We help you apply the most relevant evidence-based tools to identify the more suitable candidates. These enable recruiters to narrow down the field of applicants to only those who possess the qualities to perform the role effectively. Similarly ensuring the best fit within your organisation’s workplace culture prior to going for interview.

Consequently, whatever the size of your business, and whatever the challenge, from high volume recruiting to specific roles we have the processes and tools to support your Human Resource team to achieve their goals.

Recruitment Process

The use of psychometrics is increasingly seen as normal practice for inclusion in the recruitment process as psychometric tests are objective, reliable and valid.

Interviewing Talent

Interviewing, despite being one of the most popular selection methods, has been criticised for being less fair and highly subjective

Assessment Centre Design

Assessment Centres use is potentially the most accurate and objective way to assess an individual’s skills and attributes and also acts as a predictor of job performance.


We are independent test providers offering a comprehensive selection of assessment solutions from industry leading brands.

Selection Solutions

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Efficient Selection Solutions

We work with companies in a wide range of industries to improve their hiring process and achieve quantifiable business results such as reduced turnover, and lower selection and training costs.  Most notably, we enable organisations to develop individuals by recognising talent which increases loyalty, sales and productivity.

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Selection techniques and tools are crucial to all organisations therefore, we are here to help and guide you with your choices. All of our products are available via our shop but we offer free no obligation advice by phone or email, so please do contact us and one of our psychometric solutions team will be happy to support you.