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Assessment Center Design

Assessment Centres (AC) are a comprehensive method of assessment which allow candidates to demonstrate relevant skills and competencies through various ways. They utilises a multi-faceted approach allowing you to obtain a clear picture of how the candidate would perform in the job role.

Development Centre

Sometimes Assessment Centres (AC) are actually Development Centres (DC) i.e. it is run to support staff development. ACs typically involve a range of assessment approaches e.g. combination of psychometric testing, interviews, individual and group exercises. The AC exercises will be chosen to simulate the challenges of the real job or role.

Measure what matters with evidence-based tasks in your Assessment Centres

If you think about online tests, you are measuring a single competency, whereas an AC can measure multiple competencies in multiple ways.
Depending on your needs, ACs are often comprised of a combination of various exercises:

• Written exercise
• Role-play exercise
• Group exercise
• Presentation exercise
• Competency based interviews

The AC approach is potentially the most accurate and objective way to assess an individual’s skills and attributes and also acts as a predictor of job performance.

• Benefits of using ACs:
• Improved employee satisfaction
• Reduce turnover rate
• Improved employee job performance
• Evidence based approach to employee selection
• Improved organisational performance

We take an evidence-based approach when designing our assessments, ensuring that everything is based on the job requirements, predicts job performance and paints an accurate picture of the candidate – we measure what matters.

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Flexible Solutions

We can adapt our approach as required to meet your current culture and stakeholder needs.