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Interviewing for Recruitment and Selection

Interviewing, despite being one of the most popular selection methods, have been criticised for being highly subjective and therefore less fair – luckily there are quite a few techniques to enhance the reliability and objectivity of the process. Our business psychologists at Quest offer a range of different solutions which assist your company in designing more effective selection processes and improving your practices.

How will interview training improve our outcomes?

Conducting professional interviews properly is easier said than done. The ability to conduct fair and objective interviews deeply affects the validity of the process. Training not only equips you (or your HR professionals) with certain skillsets to conduct proper interviews, but it also helps individuals to face and overcome biases and mental shortcuts which can jeopardise the objectivity and fairness of the process.

Competency-Based Interview Training

This training equips you with the skills to conduct more reliable interviews, which will help you identify the most talented individuals. Our 1-day interview training covers
all relevant topics, including job analysis, creating competency-frameworks, different interview techniques and question types, interview pitfalls, evaluating and scoring competences and legal obligations.

The outcome of the training will be to introduce a consistent, evidence-based approach to interviewing in order to avoid risks of bad hires and to ensure compliance with employment and information/data legislation.

Integrating the use of personality information into the interview boosts the efficiency and predictive power of the overall process – not to mention that it helps you make best use of your valuable time during the interview.

The use of Psychometrics will help you measure underlying competences and behaviours more accurately and provide you with useful information about the candidate in advance of the interview. Such a combination of interview with psychometrics has proven to be highly correlated with on-the-job performance.

Why the need to identify and target competencies and skills?

Competency-based interviews require you to ask a series of set questions based on the previously identified target competencies and skills. This type of interviewing relies on the premise that past behaviour is an indicator of future behaviour. By applying a structured and competency-based approach, you can get a deeper insight into the measurable workplace behaviours, the underlying motivation and the self-image of each candidate.
The questions asked determine the amount and value of information that can be obtained from the interviewee – therefore, getting them right is absolutely crucial!

Quest Interview Guide

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ H.R. support guide contains useful tips and sets of competency-based questions (which can be tailored according to your company’s competency framework and needs). We acknowledge that an interview is not only an opportunity to predict an applicant’s suitability for the role, but also a social process. Thus, we have prepared some useful evidence-based recommendations on how to get the best out of it and how to turn it into a valuable platform for expressing and exchanging expectations.

Tailor-Made Solutions

If you believe that a tailor-made option would be more suitable for your company, we have a range of bespoke solutions that our consultant psychologists can develop and integrate into your organisations H.R. processes.

Our up-to-date and evidence-based methods will ensure good candidate experience and will help you further improve your compelling employer brand to attract top candidates.

Our professionals will help you to improve the quality of the selection decision, while also ensuring consistency and objectivity across interviews, leaving all the candidates with a positive impression of your business.

Whether you need support only in certain stages of the selection process or you are looking to fully outsource the process, our professionals are ready to help. Bespoke Solutions based on your company’s specific requirements.

Including any or all of the following:


Role Specification

Job analysis and identifying job/person requirements.


Competency Mapping

Identify key competencies to strategically develop your employees’ skills and company skill sets.


Interview Delivery

The use of both behavioural and situational questions.


Feedback and Development Reports

Producing reports and engaging in valuable feedback discussions with your candidates.

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