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Using psychometrics enables organisations to find the specific competencies and skills they are looking for in applicants.  Psychometrics allows companies to select individuals that are the right fit for the job. Therefore, staff turnover is reduced and productivity is increased. As a result they achieve greater profitability and success.


We are independent test providers offering a comprehensive selection of assessment solutions from industry leading brands. This enables us to offer you impartial advice on what solution will best meet your recruitment, assessment or development needs.

Our assessment solutions include SHL tests, OPQ questionnaires, aptitude tests, scenarios – in fact, the full range of psychometric tests and assessments.

Leading Test Designers


We help human resource professionals to gain an insight into an individual’s skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, potential and personality traits. Using tests and assessments provides an objective measurement of your candidates and staff.

Quest Partnership Ltd is the publisher of the leading personality questionnaire Identity©. This comprehensive tool supports business with their selection and development and has delivered results for over 25 years.

Max Choi, MD of Quest Partnership is a co-author of SHL’s suite of Scenarios Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) and is active in the development of new and exciting psychometrics.

What do psychometric tests do?

They support HR & Talent Development:

  1.  Providing behavioural profiles
  2.  Help you assess performance
  3.  Screen candidates for recruitment
  4.  Select talent for development or promotion
  5.  Ensure company culture matching
  6.  Measure judgement of candidates
  7.  Predict aptitude

Psychometric Assessments Provide Measurable & Objective Data

Allowing you to get your People Decisions Right!

Psychometric Assessments and Tests

Whatever your human resource challenge we have the test and assessment tools required to help you reach your goal – visit our shop now or call: 01285 861734 and one of our friendly experts will guide you to the solution you require.

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