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Recruitment - Candidate Assessment

The use of psychometrics is increasingly seen as normal practice for inclusion in the recruitment process as psychometric tests are objective, reliable and valid.
They provide a standardised sample of behaviour with three important aspects:

1. All candidates have the same experience.
2. Objective assessment of skills or preferences.
3. Performance assessed against the same standards.

Benefits of using psychometric tests in recruitment for candidate assessment

They enable you to identify ability and potential using measurable assessment techniques:

1. Fairer Evaluation

Measures a candidate’s characteristics which you may miss with just an interview.

2. Objective

Benchmarking against a large group of external population.

3. Non-Biased

Reduces biases and lowers the risk of a mis-hire

4. Equality

Fairer, more equitable, harnesses diversity.

5. Evidence Based

Proven to be reliable and valid.

How we ensure you get the best results.

Our business psychologists at Quest Partnership offer a range of different solutions which assist your company in designing more effective
recruitment processes and improving your candidate assessment.

We provide interview training that covers all relevant topics, including job analysis, creating competency-frameworks, different interview techniques and question types, interview pitfalls, evaluating and scoring competences and legal obligations.

We also provide training for the effective use and interpretation of all the different types of psychometric tests; Personality Profiling, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Scenarios Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s).

Graduate Assessment Centre

“I approached Quest Partnership to see if they could provide some support on the re-design of our Graduate Assessment process. They worked very closely with us throughout the project; they provided fantastic support and guidance in regards to reviewing our current assessment process and designing and implementing some new exercises and assessment criteria as well as supporting the assessor training event. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of their work and advice as well as their level of professionalism, they clearly love their work!”

Julie Heather, Director

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