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Talent Development Strategies

Development of individuals within the workforce is crucial as they have a huge impact on your business and its effectiveness. Furthermore, some industries are facing an ageing demographic and as a result, the need to find and harness new talent is vital. Quest Partnership Ltd is passionate about helping individuals who want to progress within their chosen career.  We work closely with organisations to develop their employees and find their future leaders.

We also offer bespoke and off-the-shelf psychometric tests & assessments. These use measurable, objective data for assessing candidates suitability for future development.

Psychometric Tools for Development

Talent Development professionals are increasingly looking for tools and procedures that help employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The use of psychometrics is widely accepted as benefiting organisations with their recruitment. However, it is an area only just beginning to be recognised as essential within development strategies.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests include measures of personality, emotional intelligence and situational judgement tests (Scenarios) among others. These are extremely accurate tools for recognising and developing your existing talent pool. Consequently, knowing which to use and when to use them, can greatly assist organisations in developing their human resources effectively.

Identity Personality Questionnaire

As publishers of this leading Personality Questionnaire we can provide you with a range of easy to understand reports. These will help both managers and staff get the most from their talent development programme.

We offer a suite of services to help you develop your employees:-

Leadership Development Centre

Use the most appropriate Leadership Development Centre processes and interventions to achieve your objectives, whether this be purely about development, or whether you need an assessment element to help your succession planning and feed your talent pipeline.

Competency Development

Competency Development is where we help you design and implement a competency framework that truly delivers your business objectives and embeds real behavioural change

Team Building Workshop

We run team building workshops to improve team performance, motivation and relation. We enable teams to work more effectively together.

Emerging Talent

Quest Partnership deliver innovative and inclusive leadership talent programmes. Find out how we challenge conventional practice and win industry awards.

Development Tools

Development Centres

Development Centres support your staff and help you identify the knowledge gap. By understanding strengths and areas for improvement you can facilitate real, measurable and long-lasting change.

360° feedback

Simple, clear 360° feedback, off-the-shelf or tailor-made, can be used to support many applications. These may include: team building, performance management, training needs assessment, succession planning and leadership progression.

Team Workshops

Team workshops improve Team Performance, Motivation and Staff Relations, therefore enabling teams to work more effectively together.  By highlighting emotional intelligence and communication skills, you can achieve valuable learning objectives.

Client Feedback ~  Identity the Personality Profiling Questionnaire using the full Development Report within a Development Centre.

“Many thanks for your help – and prompt processing of these Identity Reports.  We really value these reports. They consistently help ensure the success of our workshops – and the support we can give to our delegates.”

Lee Taylor, Training Instructor – EDF

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