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Competency Development

Competency Development is where we help you design and implement a competency framework that truly delivers your business objectives and embeds real behavioural change. For your organisation to achieve and retain success, everyone needs to understand the behaviours that lead to excellent performance and we can provide competency development consultancy to deliver a clear blueprint for your leaders, a roadmap to success.

What are competencies?

Competencies can be used as a standard to measure employee’s job performance, additional uses may include recruiting or developing individuals.

Here is a definition of competencies:
“sets of behaviours that are instrumental in the delivery of desired results.”
(Bartram et al, 2002).
In the business context, these refer to behaviours which support the attainment of organisational objectives. Note that the focus of this definition is revolved around the actual behaviours rather than the ‘results’ of those behaviours.

Job competencies differ to job tasks as competencies relate to things such as knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes.

How are competencies used?

• As a standard to measure job performance
• For recruiting or developing individuals
• As the basis of an Assessment Centre
• In the form of a Competency framework

Organisational competency modules

Many organisations make use of the standard in the form of a competency model where competencies are clearly outlined for each job role, competency models have been shown as great tools for improving employee’s job performance which in turn can translate to organisational improvement.

Some ‘competency frameworks’ are simply just a collection of competencies. A true framework should be a structured and evidence-based model to aid the understanding of behaviour in the workplace. The framework should act as an expression of a set of relationships, defines the component within the model and also how these components relate to each other. It should also specify how the components are related to other constructs which might be outside the framework i.e. personality.

It should delve into different layers of a set of behaviour rather than just touching on the description of the competencies. Think of the framework as a way of expressing competencies as there are multi ways to articulate competencies. The framework can act as a common language between the service provider and the client organisation. >>>


Competency Measures Include:

Leading & Deciding

Takes control, gives direction and exercises leadership

Supporting and Cooperating

Supports others and shows respect

Interacting and Presenting

Communicates and networks effectively

Analysing and Interpreting

Clear analytical thinking, understands complex problems and issues

Creating and Conceptualising

Open to new ideas and seeks learning opportunities

Organising and Executing

Plans ahead and works in an organised way

Adapting and Coping

Adapts and responds well to change

Enterprising and Performing

Focuses on results and attaining personal objectives

Call to action

Interested in implementing competencies into your organisation? We ensure that you framework your success factors by aligning your organisational behaviours, values and expectations to create a successful working culture. To implement a framework that supports your people processes with recruitment, development and performance management please contact us.

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