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Complete the Identity® Occupational Personality Questionnaire & then Immediately Generate your Remote Working Report

Identity® Personality Reports:

Occupational Reports – seven can be created immediately per respondent, providing you with key information for the whole employee life-cycle.

Interview Report

Fully interpreted with Quick-Look Summary for interview.

Feedback Report

Overview of candidates preferences & how they might relate to aspects within the role.

Talent Report

Full comprehensive report includes key competencies: decision making, dealing with pressure, motivation, interpersonal, influencing, leadership & organisation.

Career Focus Report

Insight to occupational preferences including details of vocations that may best suit them.

Onboarding Report

Integrate individuals successfully to the team by identifying their strengths and development needs.

Manager's Remote Working Report

This report is for those that have responsibility for others. It focuses on three areas: Delivering, Building Trust & Managing Self.

Staff's Remote Working Report

This report is for staff to help them cope with the challenges of remote working and to effectively work with others who are working remotely.

Identity® is a personality test /psychometric assessment designed to assess workplace behaviours. Essentially it helps you understand an individual’s preferences and how they are likely to behave in the job role and organisation. It is a self-perception questionnaire, therefore assesses how the individual perceives themselves to be.

Identity® Personality Occupational Reports in more detail:

Designed to distil the respondents personality profile into core indicators or competencies, fully interpreted with example questions for further probing during interview.

Identity® Interview Report

  1. Quick-Look Summary – allows you to quickly identify the key preference areas of the candidate and see if there are any areas requiring further probing.
  2. Response Style Interpretation – The questionnaire is designed to discourage faking.  Any clear attempts at distorting responses to produce a more favourable report will be identified through the Style Scales. Looking at this section will provide you with a measure of how much trust you should invest in this report. Providing details on how you might consider approaching the interview.
  3. The indicators – There are eight that appear on separate pages. The narrative supplied for each indicator will help you interpret the presented graph. Suggested questions are highlighted for use when seeking evidence of actual behaviour, past behaviour is one of the best predictors of future behaviour. The text is for guidance and can be adapted to generate your own questions, in your own style.
  4. Candidate Feedback – It is seen as the ‘gold standard’ to provide individuals with feedback. We provide a Candidate Feedback Report for emailing to participants after the selection process has been concluded.

The individual can then learn about their own preferences, use it to set targets or highlight areas they may need to develop.

Identity® Feedback Report

  1. Standard Report – includes the profile, along with written text relating to their preferences for the scales; interpersonal, cognitive and internal drivers. Detailed description of their preferences, potential strengths & drawbacks are also addressed.
  2. Long-form Report – can also incorporate secondary psychological models including: Team Profile, Leadership Style, Type Preference & Learning styles for relating to aspects within different roles.
  3. Candidate Experience – It offers a positive to all candidates to take away from their experience with your organisation.

Provides key information on performance areas: People and Communication, Intellectual Judgement, Task Orientation & Drive.

Identity® Talent Report

  1. Comprehensive ‘ Identity’ profile – a full summary of all the traits assessed, including information on the individual’s potential strengths, insights into potential weaknesses and development areas for them to consider.
  2. Insight into the Style Scales – how honestly the individual has responded.
  3. People & Communication sub section – assessing influence, leadership and team working.
  4. Intellectual & Judgement subsection – assessing decision making & change.
  5. Task Orientation & Drive subsection – assessing work orientation, dealing with pressure & motivation.
  6. Optional Secondary Psychological Models – including scales assessing Emotional Intelligence, Team Roles, Learning Orientation, Type Preferences and Leadership Orientation.

Helps an individual to determine what skills they have, gaining an insight into their preferences, style of learning, and which vocations may suit them best.

Identity® Careers Report

  1. Personal Characteristics – providing feedback on the individual’s preferred ways on interacting with people, thinking, and their level of drive and motivation. Looking at potential strengths and development areas based on their responses.
  2. Learning Orientation – identifying how individuals prefer to learn and how they can make best use of their learning style.
  3. Career Focus – providing information on how reported work preferences relate to six career/ vocational interest areas.
  4. Suggested Vocations – looking at occupations which maybe suited to their preferred Career Focus.

Helps both the line manager and the individual to ascertain key strengths to optimise their potential and working experience.

Identity® Onboarding Report

  1. Measures – clear & concise information about what the report has measured & how best to apply it to the onboarding process.
  2. Delivering – based on the responses this generates a table highlighting their strongest preferences & suggestions of what a manger should consider when managing them.
  3. ‘Identity®’ subsections – considering when preference may be a strength and when it might hinder performance.
  4. Development Task – identify key areas for development that may need focus on or improvement in the next few months.

Supports managers to work more effectively in remote settings. Providing guidance for managers to help them to ensure they can get the best from their team when remote working.

Identity® Manager’s Remote Working Report

  1. Remote Leadership Model – Supported by the latest research based around the implications of the Covid 19 pandemic accelerating the take-up on remote working. Focusing on the following key areas:
  2. Delivering – Delivering comprises the following competencies: Strategic Mindset, Effective Decision Making and Remote Influence
  3. Building Trust – to ensure that managers can proactively appreciate the people they have the trust competencies include: Integrity, Visible & Accessible and Respect for others.
  4. Managing Self – identify key areas to support remote leaders to be well disciplined and skilled at managing themselves including: Self Awareness, Self Motivation & Continuous Learning.

Helping you to gain real evidence on how an individual is demonstrating and delivering performance whilst working remotely.

Identity® Staff’s Remote Working Report

  1. Remote Leadership Model – Supported by the latest research based around the implications of the Covid 19 pandemic accelerating the take-up on remote working. Focusing on the following key areas:
  2. Delivering – helping individuals to be disciplined and focused whilst working remotely; to be motivated to achieve quality outputs and to be able to work autonomously.
  3. Building Trust – helping individuals to work effectively with others within remote environments and with integrity; and to demonstrate respect to others.
  4. Managing Self – helping individuals to be more self-aware as they may get less feedback from others when working remotely; maintaining their emotional stability; and ensuring that there is continuous learning. 

Identity® The Employee Life Cycle

Identity® Personality Reports are extremely versatile tools used within Talent Management projects and Human Resource departments. Providing specific, interpreted occupational reports for selection, recruitment, development and the whole employee life-cycle. 


Identity® Personality Questionnaire

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Identity® Personality FAQ's

Do I need specific training to use this Identity® Personality Questionnaire?

All reports are fully interpreted by our Occupational Psychologists allowing you to start using them immediately.

What Psychometric support do you provide with these Occupational Reports?

Our in-house Occupational Psychologists and Consultants are just a telephone call away.

Is your Identity® Free trial open to candidates?

No, we are sorry but these psychometric tools are only available to Human Resource and Talent Strategy Professionals.

Is the Identity® Personality Questionnaire Accredited?

Our Identity® Questionnaire is an established Personality Tool | Certified and Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).