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Similarities and Differences in Managerial Judgement Around the World

Quest’s very own Max Choi has co authored a book about the similarities and differences in managerial judgement around the world. Here’s an abstract of a chapter.

This chapter reviews key research on the similarities and differences in leadership and
management across different regions of the world. It also looks at similarities and
differences on other relevant aspects i.e. commitment, work values, personality, and
emotional intelligence.
Research has tended to focus on drawing out the differences as
that appears to be worthy of news and attracts interest. We also report on the types of
errors in research which might actually make real differences appear much larger.
The reality is that what we find is a great deal of similarity in leadership and management
behaviour across the different regions of the world. Given these similarities can we
develop a management level Situational Judgement Test (SJT) that can be used effectively
across different world regions? We believe this can be achieved by identifying SJT items
that work consistently across world regions, and then assembling a bias‐free test with
robust psychometric properties.

Advances in Global Leadership Book Chapter 2012

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