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Online Psychometric Assessments Platform or Bureau Service for Identity® Personality Questionnaire?

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Online Psychometric Assessments Platform Account FREE

  • Pay-per-use (no license fee)
  • Cost per respondent 40 units (maximum price £40.00 per respondent)
  • Unlimited reports per respondent
  • Discounts for volume
  • No minimum purchase
  • Branding – Include your Logo
  • Fully Interpreted Reports


Practitioner Supported Bureau Service

  • Cost per respondent £67.00
  • Invitation email sent to candidates
  • Reports generated & sent to you
  • Complimentary Candidate Feedback Report
  • Psychologist feedback support

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Identity® Personality Questionnaire & Quest Partnership Ltd

Identity® is a personality test /psychometric assessment designed to assess workplace behaviours. Essentially it helps you understand an individual’s preferences and how they are likely to behave in the job role and organisation. It is a self-perception questionnaire, therefore assesses how the individual perceives themselves to be.

Quest Partnership have been BPS Accredited Test Authors for over 25 years & we are licensed to sell all Industry-leading psychometric assessments and aptitude tests. Dedicated to providing psychometric solutions that best suit our clients’ needs, reducing their costs and saving them valuable time.