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16PF Report and Consultation | Director Level (D-1)


£280.00 (Ex. Tax)

The 16 Personality Factors - 16PF Report - defines an individual's basic, underlying personality, without regard for how we apply it or the environment in which we apply it. The report comes with a professional telephone development discussion for the individual to help gain deeper understanding. 

The 16 PF is a trait-based personality questionnaire developed and first published back in 1949.  The aim was to determine and measure the essence of personality. The questionnaire is based on factor analysis, which derived Five Global Factors these correspond fairly closely to the Big Five personality traits.

The Five Global Factors/ Competencies 

  • Abstractedness
  • Emotional stability
  • Sensitivity
  • Social boldness
  • Warmth

This 16PF Report and Consultation is designed to aid the development of Senior Executives and Directors. The report is supported by 45 minutes of professional telephone feedback and personal development discussion.

We can adapt the service to meet your specific needs. Contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss your requirements.


  • It provides a comprehensive measure of an individual's whole personality
  • Supports selection, development, identifying potential, and team building
  • For development, the feedback includes development discussion and coaching
  • Suitable for all levels within an organisation
  • Suitable for international organisations as available in 20 languages with local norms
  • Includes quality feedback and discussion with an experienced consultant
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Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive