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Assessor Skills Training: Assessment Centres


£500.00 (Ex. Tax)

Assessor Skills Training: Assessment Centres

This Assessor Skills Training course is aligned with the new British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Assessment Centre Standards.  As a result, it will improve the standard of Assessors and Observers across all industries. 

This distance learning course covers all elements of the BPS Assessment Centre (AC) Standard, including:

  • Understanding what makes an effective AC.
  • The role of Assessor as well as other roles within an AC.
  • Effective assessment of AC exercises.
  • How to observe, record, classify, evaluate and give feedback effectively.
  • Become competent to evaluate performance against pre-determined job-related behaviours.
  • Equality and Diversity.

This qualification is Accredited by The CPD Standards Office with an award of 35 hours.

Price includes:

  • Assessor Skills Training Manual
  • Online workbook
  • Support videos
  • Practical assignments and webinars

We also provide ongoing support from our Psychologists to ensure Assessors deliver any future ACs according to current Best Practice. 

Your Assessment Centres also include personality or ability testing.  For that reason, you may also wish to consider our BPS Test User courses.  Options include Assistant Test User, Test User: Ability and Test User: Personality.  Contact us 01285 861734 for further information.

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