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PA-Secretarial Exercise | (R-5)


£69.00 (Ex. Tax)

The PA-Secretarial Exercise measures the candidate's ability to deal effectively with a range of realistic and challenging situations that might occur in Personal Assistant, Personal Executive and Secretarial roles. Candidates complete this timed exercise off-line and their answers are professionally marked by one of our consultants.  We then provide a short report.

This supervised exercise is easy to administer, quick to complete and can be applied to all industry sectors. A report is provided for each candidate giving specific details about their performance on 4 key competency areas:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Professional / Assertive Communication
  3. Organisation / Task Prioritisation
  4. Proactivity / Engaging in Quality Thinking


  • Objective assessment of relevant skills
  • Simple report of results with summary of key areas
  • Unique assessment of PA/ PE / Secretarial mentality, judgement and competencies

Gain further insight  by completing additional tests - contact us on 01285 861734 for more information on the options available eg verbal and numerical reasoning, copy typing.

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Verify G+ General Ability Test