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FIRO B Report and Consultation | Director Level (D-1)


£280.00 (Ex. Tax)

FIRO B is a powerful personality tool that helps explain how interpersonal needs affect behaviours and relationships. FIRO B can provide an individual with a deeper understanding of their own behaviours and the impact of that others' behaviours can have on them.

The service includes a report and 45 minutes of telephone consultation and feedback to get the most out of the report.

The FIRO B Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Tool is provided to you under supervision from professionally trained and experienced practitioners. The FIRO B is based on a theory that proposed that all human interaction can be divided into three categories: inclusion, control and affection. Through the report and the consultation, the individual is supported with how they can increase the effectiveness of their behaviours towards others, enhance their satisfaction in relationships and their work, and explore alternative ways of achieving their goals. 

Note: that FIRO B is a development tool and we do not recommend that you use it for selection. This report should be used to support the development of senior managers/ directors. 

If you have a selection requirement please contact on 01285 861734 to discuss your needs.


  • Efficient online completion and telephone feedback service
  • Helps individuals quickly to gain a critical insight into their interpersonal needs, and how this affects behaviours and relationships
  • Helps to achieve a deeper understanding of self and others
  • Can help facilitate the development of high performing teams
  • Supports sustainable relationship building, communications, and conflict resolution
  • Powerful leadership development and coaching tool
  • A positive approach to development
Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive