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OPQ Manager Report | Manager Level (D-2)


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OPQ Manager Report is to support the development of managerial and professional staff and should be used as the basis of a development discussion.

 The OPQ personality questionnaire looks at how an individual prefers to work to identify potential strengths and weaknesses. The OPQ Manager Report is a relatively concise narrative report, providing easy to assimilate information.  It can be used as the basis of a development discussion and included in a Personal Development Plan.  Consider combining this report with other useful assessments such as the Scenarios Managerial Judgement Test.

The OPQ Manager Report is split into three main competency areas:

  • Relationships with People
  • Thinking Style 
  • Feelings & Emotions 

Key competences addressed:

  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Relationships with people
  • Sociability
  • Thinking style


  • Clearly identify the strengths and development areas
  • No formal training required interpreted reports and support as needed
  • OPQ is proven to predict job performance
  • OPQ available in over 30 languages
  • OPQ is the market leading quality tool

If you would like one of our consultants to provide more detailed feedback and have a development/ coaching discussion with the individuals please contact us for a quotation. Tel: 01285 861734.

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