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OPQ Team Impact Report – Individual Development | All levels (TD-1-7)

Team Development

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OPQ Team Impact Report - a clear and easy-to-understand report that looks at an individual's impact within the team.

OPQ32 is the leading global personality tool. The OPQ assesses preferred work behaviours and personality and identifies potential strengths and weaknesses. The Team Impact (Individual Development) report is based on the SHL Team Impact Model which focuses on actual team processes:

  • Creating the team’s vision
  • Managing the team’s activities
  • Resourcing the team’s activities
  • Delivering the team’s objectives

The OPQ Team Impact Report focuses on developing the individual by identifying their strengths and development areas.  It explores the individual's preferred ways of working within team settings.  Depending on the mix of job roles within the team, we can set the comparison group for the questionnaire at different levels, contact us to discuss the best options for your team members.

This OPQ Team Impact Report can also be used as the basis of development discussions with a focus on moving individuals towards an actionable Development Plan.  If being used to support the whole team, we can add value with individual feedback sessions.  Alternatively, we can provide an overview of the team's strengths and weaknesses to team leaders.  Contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss your requirements.


  • Reports quickly available after online completion
  • Easy to understand results to help you make informed decisions
  • No formal training required - professional support available as needed
  • Predicts performance -OPQ32 is proven to predict job performance
  • OPQ32  is available in over 30 languages
2. SHL
Team Development
Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive, Manager, Professional staff, Junior Manager / Supervisor, Graduate, Sales & Customer Service, Secretarial, Administrative, Technical Staff

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