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OPQ Universal Competency Report | Manager Level (D-2)


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The OPQ Universal Competency Report (UCR) is based on the best-selling personality questionnaire from SHL and is proven to predict job performance. This leading questionnaire is available in over 30 languages and provides an insight into your employees' preferred ways of working. The UCR provides insight into an individual's potential to perform across 20 critical job competencies. 

The Universal Competency Report is based on the Universal Competency Framework (UCF). This short, easy to read report provides a graphical outline for each competency, summarising aspects of the candidate’s personality which may impact (positively or negatively) on each competency.

This report can be used as the basis of a development discussion with individuals at a management level. The report provides insight into the individual's development areas by rating the strength or weakness of each competency. 

Key competences addressed by the Universal Competency Report

  • Adapting and Coping
  • Analysing and Interpreting
  • Creating and Conceptualising
  • Enterprising and performing
  • Interacting and presenting
  • Leading and deciding
  • Organising and executing
  • Supporting and co-operating

Price Includes a complimentary Candidate Feedback Report - this can be kept by the individual and included in a Personal Development Plan.

Available in over 30 languages and with a range of comparison groups.

For further insight, consider combining with a Managerial Judgement Test.  Call us on 01285 861734 to discuss the options available.

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