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Graduate Recruitment Package


£186.00 (Ex. Tax)

This is a recommended recruitment package that supports graduate-level selection, suitable for any business sector and used both in the UK & Globally. It comprises leading ability tests, psychometric assessments and personality questionnaire. 

Save at least 7% on the cost of the individual items.

Recruitment testing can be challenging to get right when there are so many selection tests available.  Our Graduate Recruitment Package is a best seller in this category.  Saving you time and money by providing you with a carefully chosen suite of tests.  These  graduate level tests have been researched and demonstrated to work. We will help you get your graduate assessment right every time – selection testing has never been so neat, simple, and effective!

Graduate Recruitment Package | Products included:

SHL Graduate Scenarios Report -

Scenarios is a test of potential for managerial judgement.  It measures an individual's ability to weigh up real life management situations.

Identity® Pre-Interview Report - 

This personality questionnaire helps you to understand the individual's preferred working styles in three key areas:

  1. Thinking style when dealing with business information and issues
  2. Their capacity to work effectively to influence and motivate others
  3. Personal drive to make things happen

Verbal Reasoning Test - 

This test measures critical reasoning skills and the candidate's ability to quickly understand and evaluate written business information.

Numerical Reasoning Test - 

This test measures numerical reasoning skills. The candidate demonstrates their to assimilate and manipulate business related numerical data.


  • All in one solution – the perfect way of assessing graduates.
  • Support the interview with objective assessments from aptitude tests and personality questionnaires.
  • Reduce the risk of getting recruitment wrong.
  • Achieve efficiency and effectiveness in one cost-effective solution.
  • Objective, research-based and valid graduate-level tests.
  • As these individuals are likely to be our future managers then it is useful to assess their potential for managerial judgement.


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