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Recommended Recruitment Package | Supervisory Level (R-3)


£186.00 (Ex. Tax)

This recommended recruitment package assists with the selection of supervisory and junior manager-level candidates in any sector. It comprises leading ability tests and psychometric assessments.

Save 7% on the cost of the individual items.

Recruitment testing can be challenging to get right when there are so many selection tests available.  Therefore, we save you time and money by providing you with a carefully chosen suite of tests that have been researched and demonstrated to work. We will help you get your supervisory-level assessment right – selection testing has never been so neat, simple, and effective!

Products included:

SHL Management Scenarios Report -

Scenarios is a test of managerial judgement, measuring an individual's ability to weigh up real life management situations.

Identity Pre-Interview Report -

This personality questionnaire helps you understand the individual's preferred working styles in three key areas:

  1. Their preferred thinking style when dealing with business information and issues
  2. The capacity to work effectively to influence and motivate others
  3. Personal drive to make things happen

Verbal Reasoning Test - 

This test measures critical reasoning skills and the candidate's ability to quickly comprehend and evaluate written business information.

Numerical Reasoning Test -

This test measures numerical reasoning skills. The candidate is required to assimilate and manipulate business related numerical data.

Benefits of the Recommended Recruitment Package:

  • All in one solution – the perfect way of assessing supervisors and junior managers.
  • Support the interview with objective assessments from aptitude tests and personality questionnaires.
  • Reduce the risk of getting recruitment wrong.
  • Selection tests that achieve efficiency and effectiveness in one cost-effective solution.
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Job Level:
Junior Manager / Supervisor