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Hogan Challenge Report | Director Level (D-1)


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The Hogan Challenge Report describes a leader’s characteristic way of thinking, behaving, and treating others while under stress and pressure. It predicts potential career-derailing behaviours that interfere with the ability to build a cohesive and high-performing teams.

This service includes online completion, the Hogan Challenge Report and 30 minutes professional feedback and coaching discussion to either the individual or the development facilitator.

It is based on individual Hogan Development Scores providing insight into common, career derailers.  These include performance risks/ challenges that can impede leadership success, weaken work relationships, hinder productivity and limit overall career potential.

The report provides definitions of the 11 Derailer scales and for each Derailer scale:

  • Behavioural Implications
  • Leadership Implications
  • Competency Analyisis
  • Developmental Recommendations.

As it is assessing potential career derailer behaviours a few of the questions may appear unusual for participants, however, this is a deliberate aspect of the questionnaire. Also, please note that this Hogan report focuses on the dark side of personality i.e. identifying the potential negatives when an individual is significantly challenged and stretched. It does not draw out the positives of the individual.

The Hogan Challenge Report is most suited for executives, directors, senior management and high potentials for these very senior roles. The Challenge Report is predominantly designed to be a development tool, to support other assessments and other information. It can be inappropriate to use this tool in isolation particularly with new people that you do not know. On this basis, although the Hogan Challenge Report can be used to support selection, our professional view is that this may be more difficult to handle effectively.


  • Online completion and speedy reports
  • Professional feedback and coaching discussion
  • Assessment of potential career derailers when stressed and working under pressure
  • Based on research over 10 years on 4,000 executives
  • Powerful executive-level development tool
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