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Identity Comprehensive Report | Secretarial Role (D-5)


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The Identity Comprehensive Report is a powerful personality tool to support staff development, providing information on key performance areas.  Identity personality questionnaire was designed to be the most comprehensive personality tool available.

People are unique and complex so this Identity Comprehensive Report supports the development of secretarial and administrative staff. Reports can be customised with your branding or tailored to your requirements if required.

This personality report is useful for the following jobs/roles:

  • Support roles
  • Administration roles
  • Secretarial/PA roles

Although ability and knowledge is important, it is useful that these individuals appreciate that effective performance is also about behavioural style, attitude, and motivation. Therefore, using Identity can help to drive this message home and help individuals fully understand the significance of development areas.

The Identity Comprehensive Report provides key information on the following three important performance areas, including potential strengths and insights into potential weaknesses and development areas:

  • People and Communication
  • Intellectual and Judgement
  • Task Orientation and Drive

The Identity report will also provides you with information on the following Psychological models:

  • Leadership Preferences
  • Team Roles
  • Emotional Focus (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Learning Orientation
  • Jung Types (equivalent to MBTI type scales)

All this comprehensive information within one report, provides a powerful recruitment, development, coaching, and team building aid. If you would like further support from one of our consultants, contact us on 01285 861734

Key competences addressed in the Identity Comprehensive Report:

  • Dealing with Pressure
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Intellectual and judgement
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • People and communication
  • Task focus and drive
  • Team Working

Why Quest Partnership?

Quest Partnership Ltd has been providing psychometric assessments such as the Identity Comprehensive Report to industry for over 20 years.  We offer independent advice on a wide range of assessments. In addition, we provide full support in administering and delivering tests and personality questionnaires to individual candidates / participants.

Our consultants are experts in their field with a track record of delivering innovative assessments.  We are also active members of our industry body, the British Psychological Society (BPS). Our involvement in BPS steering groups has helped to raise standards and promote best practise in the use of psychometrics.

3. Identity
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Development Centre