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Feedback Report from Identity® 

The Full Feedback Report is a report that can be used for many purposes to support understanding and on-going development. In recruitment situations this report is provided as a complimentary report with the Interview Report. The idea is that we like to encourage our clients to look after their candidates. The candidates have spent the time to complete the Identity questionnaire and therefore they should be provided with some useful feedback. Therefore, after selection decisions have been made, the Feedback Report can be emailed to the candidate. A candidate receiving this useful report will have better respect for the organisation, whether they were offered the job or not.

Two choices can be generated from the completion of the Identity Questionnaire:

  1. Standard Report – includes the profile, along with written text relating to their preferences for the scales; interpersonal, cognitive and internal drivers. Detailed description of their preferences, potential strengths & drawbacks are also addressed.
  2. Long-form Report – can also incorporate secondary psychological models including: Team Profile, Leadership Style, Type Preference & Learning styles for relating to aspects within different roles.


The Candidate Feedback Report

A complementary Candidate Feedback Report is provided with the Interview Report so that candidates receive some feedback. This report is known as the short version of the Feedback Report.  The report finishes after the Style Scale section. This version already has plenty of information that candidates can use. 


Choice of Psychological Models

If the Feedback Report is being used to support development and there will be an opportunity to have a development discussion then the Identity Psychological Models can be added to this report. This then makes the report extremely versatile to support all possible purposes e.g. Team Development, Management Training, Coaching, Personal Development, etc,.

Identity has 5 Psychological Models:

    1. Leadership Preferences
    2. Team Profile
    3. Emotional Focus
    4. Learning Orientation
    5. Type Preferences

You can choose the models you want to include in your report to support your purpose.

Identity, the Self-Perception Questionnaire is a leading personality questionnaire that measures these aspects extremely well.  It has proved to be very useful in supporting interviews for technical and operative-level roles.  It helps recruiting managers to gain real evidence on how a candidate has demonstrated and delivered good performance.  As a result, managers gain real insights into what it is about the person, their approach, and what they did, that made a difference.


Identity® The Employee Life Cycle

Identity® Personality Reports are extremely versatile tools used within Talent Management projects and Human Resource departments. Providing specific, interpreted occupational reports for selection, recruitment, development and the whole employee life-cycle. 

If you would like further support, for example with providing feedback to candidates, contact us on 01285 861734.

Identity is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Accredited Personality Tool, the Author is Max Choi, C.Psychol  AFBPsyS CPBP, Managing Director & Business Psychologist with over 30 years experience as a psychometric accredited test author.

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