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Identity Pre-Interview Report | Secretarial Role (R-5)


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Identity Pre-Interview report: An interview guide to support PA, Secretarial and Administrator recruitment.  Includes suggested questions to probe more deeply at interview. We also provide a Candidate Feedback Reports for unsuccessful candidates.

For secretarial and administrative roles it is not just the individual's ability and technical knowledge that leads to outstanding performance.  Consequently, recruiting managers need to understand the individual's preferred styles of working in three key areas:

  1. The individual's capacity to work effectively to influence and motivate others
  2. Their preferred thinking style in dealing with business information and issues
  3. Personal drive to make things happen

Identity, the Self-Perception Questionnaire is a leading personality questionnaire that measures these aspects extremely well.  It has proven to be extremely useful in supporting interviews for  secretarial and administrative roles.

The report helps recruiting managers to gain real evidence on how a candidate has demonstrated and delivered in their role.  Therefore, Managers will gain real insights about what it is about the person, their approach, and what they have done, that made a difference.

In recruitment, the challenge is to assess and really understand your candidates in a short space of time. This personality report will quickly assess the candidate's overall suitability for the job. It assesses their work behaviours and personality to identify strengths and weaknesses against the role requirements. As a result, the Pre-Interview report is an ideal interview aid for PA, secretarial and administrator recruitment.  The report provides:

    • A quick summary of the areas that need further probing at interview
    • A neat page of information for each  competency area
    • Identifies useful information on key areas to probe
    • Behavioural interview questions that you can adapt for use at interview

The Identity Pre-Interview report is a leading interview support tool for assessing secretarial and administrative roles.  Ensure that you select the right person for the role, avoiding costly mistakes.

The purchase of a Pre-interview report also includes a free Candidate Feedback Report.  This can be sent to the Candidate after the recruitment has been finalised.

Key competences addressed:

  • Change
  • Dealing with Pressure
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • Team Working


  • Easy to understand results to help you make informed decisions
  • Helps you to probe the vital qualities required for good performance
  • Quickly identify potential strengths and weaknesses
  • Guides you to the key areas to probe at interview
  • Provides interview questions
  • No formal training required, we provide interpreted reports
  • Predicts job performance
  • Includes free candidate feedback report for unsuccessful candidates
3. Identity
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