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Mosaic Leadership Report Objective Personality Tasks


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Mosaic Leadership Report from The Mosaic Objective Personality Tasks

The Mosaic Leadership Report is used to support the development and recruitment of leaders.

This report is developed by our sister company, Mosaic Assessments Ltd. Mosaic offers a new and innovative approach to personality assessment. The Mosaic Objective Personality Tasks approach provides key advantages over the traditional personality questionnaire approach:

  • Measures personality directly rather than asking people what they think they are like. This is much more accurate as individuals cannot fake or massage their responses; also, we do not need to be concerned about people having ‘blind spots’.
  • One of the tasks is a short questionnaire, so the report also compares how people see themselves against their true measured personality. Having both information is extremely illuminating and useful. To support selection, it can identify those who are likely to over-sell and under-sell themselves at interview. Therefore, interviewers can adjust their approaches appropriately with the candidate. For personal development it is extremely powerful to support individuals to explore and understand the areas where the two sources of personality information do not stack up.

The 8 short Mosaic tasks measures the BIG 5 personality traits and 20 personality scales. The assessment takes about 1 hour to complete and can be completed in multiple visits if preferred.

The Tasks can be completed online on any device.

Format of the Leadership Report

The Leadership Report is suitable for senior and potential leaders. It provides 4 leadership insights: 

  • Insight 1: accuracy of self-perception, how well does the leader know themselves. 
  • Insight 2: a full competency potential profile with extensive tailored narrative for each competency, based on the leader's personality profile. 
  • Insight 3: preferred leadership style with associated strengths and development tips.  
  • Insight 4:  leadership derailer scores and development tips. 

A self-coaching guide is also provided which helps the leader make sense of their results and take developmental action.  This report can also be used when making senior leadership hiring decisions.



The Leadership report provides information on the following 12 key competences which have been researched to be vital for all senior leadership roles:

  1. Leading Others
  2. Achievement Focussed
  3. Planning
  4. Influencing
  5. Innovation
  6. Change & Adaptability
  7. Resilience
  8. Analysing Information
  9. Working with People
  10. Principles & Values
  11. Continual Learning
  12. Decision Making


Benefits of the Mosaic Leadership Report:

  • Online completion on any device
  • Direct measure of personality/behaviours for accuracy
  • Mosaic, the only assessment that compares self-report with direct measure of personality/ behaviours
  • Report focused on 4 Leadership insights and 12 vital Leadership competences
  • Powerful selection and development solution
  • Reports quickly available on completion of the tasks

Purpose:       Development & Recruitment 

Job Level:     Senior Managers / Potential Senior Managers

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Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive, Manager, Junior Manager / Supervisor