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OPQ Feedback Report Candidate Support


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OPQ Feedback Report

OPQ Candidate Feedback Report is available for all levels. Providing you with the resource to look after the candidate following your campaign, not only providing the candidate with useful feedback, but they can also use this information to support their on-going development.

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) measures a range of personality traits that have an influence in how we approach work. The term 'personality' can be defined as the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that distinguish one person from the next and is relatively enduring over time. This OPQ Feedback Report provides comprehensive information based on your candidate's responses to the questionnaire i.e. it is a 'self-perception' report.

Important points to note about self-perception information:

  • It is not a definitive statement about how an individual will behave in day-to-day life - it is an indicator to their work-place preferences
  • It measures how they see themselves, not how others would necessarily describe them
  • Information relates to an individuals style and preference - not ability
  • It offers a comparative measure of how they see themselves compared with most other people
  • Although broad patterns can be consistent across time, their profile can change with experience. Therefore, the shelf-life of the information contained in this report is typically recommended to not be more than 12 months.
  • In a recruitment situation, this information should never be used in isolation - it is a tool that supports other evidence

Understanding the Profile and Report

The candidate's profile is displayed through the report. Their responses have been compared to a large sample of the working population who have also completed the OPQ. The dark square on the graph shows their response. This report looks at the three broad areas of the profile in turn as each may have an impact on their behaviour:

  1. Relationships with People;
  2. Thinking Style; and
  3. Feelings and Emotions

Providing details of Potential Strengths and Areas for Development for each candidate related to each of the above. Also, providing Action Planning tips for development moving forward.

This report can be emailed to the Candidate after selection decisions have been made, allowing your organisation to provide the 'Gold Standard' in candidate management.

Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive, Manager, Professional staff, Junior Manager / Supervisor, Graduate, Sales & Customer Service, Secretarial, Administrative, Technical Staff
OPQ Feedback Report