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OPQ Manager Plus Report | Manager level (R-2)


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The OPQ Manager Plus Report uses SHL's Universal Competency Framework and Team Impact model to support your Management recruitment. 

The OPQ32 questionnaire from SHL is the most popular and well researched personality test on the market. This report is for the use of recruitment managers and HR professionals to help them in the selection of Managers and Professional staff. It is clear that performance is not simply down to ability, intellect, and technical knowledge.  Most importantly, assessing personality is vital, as attitudes and motivations are also key to shaping future success.  The Manager Plus Report presents information in easily understandable and business-relevant terms. Therefore, this is an ideal interview aid to ensure you select the best candidate and avoid costly mistakes. 

The OPQ Manager Plus Report shows how an individual:

  • Prefers to work - when they interact with people, approach tasks and deal with feelings and emotions
  • Is likely to perform - when measured against the 20 Universal Competencies proven to be important at work (e.g. Leading & Supervising)
  • Is likely to interact with colleagues and the impact the individual will have on a team

This online questionnaire does not have a time limit, but candidates usually take between thirty and forty minutes to complete. The report assesses candidates against a large comparison group selected from a range of different industry sectors.

There is growing recognition that successful teams contribute greatly to an organisation’s success.  This report offers a practical and cost effective way of measuring, building and selecting teams. The Manager Plus Report incorporates SHL’s Team Impact model which addresses these issues.  As a result, it provides users with an easy to use and relevant way of evaluating and monitoring team dynamics.

In addition, you may wish to think about making use of a verbal reasoning or a numerical reasoning test. This will help to make your selection process more effective by understanding your candidates in a short space of time.  Contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss your options and the ability tests available.

Quest Partnership Ltd has been providing assessment support to companies for over 20 years.  We are active members of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Our MD, Max Choi, took a leading role in the development of the BPS Assessment Centre Standards.

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