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Recommended Development Package | Graduate Level (D-4)


£138.00 (Ex. Tax)

A recommended development package for Graduate level individuals from any sector, designed to aid development discussions. 

Save 9%  compared to if products were bought individually. 

Package Includes :

SHL Scenarios Test 

It comprises 16 business-relevant management situations (or scenarios). The Graduate Report provides a profile of results i.e. the overall managerial judgement score, three sub-test scores, and six elements. It also includes general development advice for each of the scales, powerful specific feedback and development tips based on the individual’s responses. 

OPQ Maximising Learning Report 

The Maximising Your Learning report is designed to help people get the most out of their learning and development. The report summarises the preferred approach to learning across four dimensions and describes the practical implications of these approaches. It provides potential strengths, weaknesses, and areas for further development.

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